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Newest Ideas for Swimming Pool Tiles for Oasis Experience

How important is having your own swimming pool with optimum luxury and comfort after a stressful day! You can create and recreate your pool with the right kind of tiles. 

Top 60 Best Home Swimming Pool Tile Ideas - Backyard Oasis Designs

Apart from the simple survey of what you need, you can customize some pool tiles materials for personal interest. There is hardly any limit to the patterns and designs you can make out of the pool tiles.

However, the process is not cheap, whether to install or maintain. And over time, while a perfect design in your swimming pool can reflect your favorite getaway plan, it takes a creative designer to give it.

Many factors contribute to eventually creating a design that matches your desire. For instance, you think of the materials of the pool tiles, the color, pattern, and other properties. Whereas, more personally, you need to know your budget and know the style to create.

What are the options of Pool tiles at your disposal?

Before we talk about the design that works best for you, the first matter is to show the range of choices. For instance, the modern pool design nowadays takes more than the design of the floor. You also have to think of the walls and the waterline. 

You may have to care for the benches and the steps inside the pool in some other cases. So, how many categories or types of tiles are we considering for a typical pool?

Inlaid tiles

The inlaid tiles are usually underwater and can come in a fiberglass pool mold. The purpose of this mold is that it may align accurately with the surface of the pool. 

Waterline tiles

Another part of the pool to take care of is the waterline of the pool surface. Many times, the water adheres to this portion of the pool for a long. Therefore, it requires a unique strip of pool tiles to maintain a durable finish. 

In other words, there should be provision for the pool lining element to augment your overall design in the pool design. However, does every pool require having a separately recognizable waterline?

How important is a waterline, and do I need it?

Now that you have heard about a spate design for your waterline, you may need to determine if you need one. If it is essential to your pool, you should factor in the bigger picture of your overall pool design involving tiles. 

Some of the other vital elements to consider alongside the waterline are the deck design, the landscape pattern, and the coping. How do these factors affect the overall aesthetic value and durability of the investment?

Meanwhile, the waterline appears halfway submerged in the water, leaving about 3 inches above it. Overall, this design will have a significant impact on the landscape of the pool. 

Moreover, the value of the waterline tiles is not just about the looks but also concerns every detail. After a while, there may be discoloration at the ending line of the water by sunscreen.

In addition, the cleaning chemicals used in the pool, dirt, and body oils can also accumulate at the waterline. Therefore, using unique tiles at the waterline may serve as a shield for the pool tile surface.

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Does Size Matter in Pool Tiles?

The size of the pool tiles is an essential property to consider in your choice. Mainly, the suitable pool tiles must not only serve an aesthetic purpose but must also be very enduring.

Generally, the large-sized tiles are a complete NO for swimming pools for many reasons. One of such reasons is that long and large tiles are more prone to cracking due to use and thermal shock. 

In addition, there is less stability in larger pool tiles, making them more prone to fractures. Therefore, when it comes to the size of pool tiles, think small to stand out.

Moreover, the smaller pool tiles work for pools that have irregular shapes because you can quickly wrap them around the surface. Meanwhile, smaller tiles are also perfect for designing details and creating stunning patterns for the pool design. 

Design Ideas for Swimming Pool Tiles

It is essential not to leave out your chosen design for the pool to chance. The reason is that what makes a great pool is far beyond the clean water inside it. But the general outlook of the pool also largely depends on the style or theme it represents. 

Your swimming pool is one way to show off your creative design ability as you pick the right design beyond sentiments. Therefore, what is the most important factors to consider when choosing swimming pool tiles?

First of all, Color 

Top 60 Best Home Swimming Pool Tile Ideas - Backyard Oasis Designs

It is easy to assume that the issue of color will sort out itself because there is not much variety. Each color has different reflective effects through the pool water. Therefore, you need to select the color that can produce that effect you intend to see. 

In addition, you should consider the right color that matches the surrounding landscape, especially if you have other features around. For instance, some blue shades include the deep ocean, turquoise, dark blue or sky blue, and any related color idea.

On the other hand, white color can also be magical, provided that you get the right impression. Moreover, it can add a clean, uniform appearance to the water in the pool. Many hotels and spas prefer to use white mosaic pool tiles for travelers’ attention. 

Next is Pool Coping

The coping tiles are the tiles with the extra function for swimmers to enter or exit the pool. This feature allows a good grip of the feet on the wet surface as a means of protection from slipping. 

Therefore, the pool coping feature is a safety component for your overall pool design. At the same time, the choice of the coping and patio tiles should factor in this condition. 

Alternatively, you can have porcelain tiles as a slip-resistant type of pool tiles than ordinary concrete. 


On a final note, the above are exciting views that can enhance your ideas for swimming pool tiles. Moreover, when comparing the qualities of these pool tiles, check out some of these attributes. 

Remember that while the aesthetic value of the tiles is essential, you need to also keep safety qualities in high esteem. Moreover, what are the chances for a long terms use in terms of durability and appearance? You can read about How To Create Artistic Display with Glass Pool Tiles in Your Luxury Swimming Pool by clicking here.